Monday, December 29, 2008

How about those pajamas!

I love how Christmas is a merge of traditions. Some traditions we say "goodbye" to and other we warmly welcome into our homes.

One tradition that we have kept from my childhood was getting to open one gift on Christmas Eve and it was always pajamas. I do remember as a child not likely this and wanting to open a real gift, but as an adult I feel like those simple things are what ties us together.

This Christmas was no exception.

Livy opening her "monkey" pajamas.

Trying to put them on. She was able to get one leg in and then said, "stuck! stuck!"

In our pajamas on Christmas Eve.

New house, new me?

It's that time of year when we ponder about what we want to change about ourselves. I, like most people create New Year's resolutions and completely fail at them by January 3rd. Why is that? Perhaps I am making unrealistic goals that simply won't work for me. Or maybe the way we think of goals.

Why do we spend time thinking that on January 1st we will be better people by working out, reading more, spending more time with our kids? Shouldn't we decide that starting today (any day) I can make this change and this is how I am going to live my life?

When we moved into our new house a month ago, I decided that with a new house there will be a new me. I have set goals and decided that today (everyday I must decide this) I will work on a few things. Somethings are unrealistic to do until the New Year, some I have completed and working strongly on.

One thing that helps me is to create a schedule. When I did this, I tried to figure out how can I spend my time more wisely, and I found many areas that I needed to improve on. I spent a few weeks (one thing I did at the in-laws) about what I wanted to accomplish each day. I knew that I wanted to have time to cook (yuck, but necessary), clean house (fun, really!), play with Livy, workout, do craft projects, run errands, family time, and read. I have the time and I didn't want to find myself at the end of the day wondering what I did all day. (Oh yeah, I sat behind the computer all day!)

My new start:

* Lose some weight. I know that this is probably something on every one's list. During this move I put on some weight and I want to get rid of it. Just like having a baby and wanting to get to your pre-pregnancy weight, I want to get to my pre-move weight. Status--waiting to get through the holidays, New Year's here we come.

* Cook. This is one thing that I don't like to do and fortunately for me I have been forced to cook more at home. We used to eat out nearly every night and considering that the nearest anything is 9 miles, it is easier to say home. --doing this!

* Move Livy to a big girl bed. She is ready and we figure, new house, new room, new bed. --complete!

(I will have a post soon with her bedroom remodel. I can't get over how nice it has turned out. Still need to get pictures hung before you can fully see it.)

* Potty Train Livy. She is ready and I have been putting it off. I didn't want to do it while we were selling our house, living with the in-laws or during the holidays. --This week we are going to do this!

* Spend less time in front of the computer. This one has been hard for me. I love having this connection to outside world, especially now that I know no one and live in Rural USA, but I have been a bad mommy. --currently working on this one. So far, so good!

* Get our Food Storage. This has been recommended for us to obtain and we are working hard on this. With the way how the economy is, I don't want to be left without food if things get bad. --working hard!

(Small, but never the less, we have some for an emergency!)

What are your goals for the New Year?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

We have been super busy with parties, remodeling some rooms (will be featured in future posts) and a sick child. So no time for an actual post.

I would like to wish you and your family a Christmas filled with all that you love and a New Year full of your hearts desires!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just look at those curls!

I finally decided that today would be that day that Livy would get a haircut. I have been putting it off for sometime with the fear that her beautiful curls would disappear. Of course, most days like in the picture above, the curls are very hard to find.

So off to Cookie Cutters where Livy "zoned out" in front of Tinker Bell, for her first official hair cut. (Trimming her bangs don't count)

The after! And take a look at those curls now!

While we are on the subject of hair, I decided that my child needed more hair bows. So I got crafty making holiday bows. A girl can never have too many!

Check Spelling A small sampling.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Santa Baby!

I thought that this would be the year that Livy would cry when she sat on Santa's knee. Boy! Was I wrong! Livy is totally in LOVE with Santa. I hear about Santa frequently through out the day, especially that he is coming to our house. She even tells me that she dreams about him! Now that's something for a 21 month old. What did she ask for? A kitchen.

At the party we attended, where she got to see Santa, Livy only left his side when it was time for him to return to the North Pole.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Crazy Holidays!

It's that time of year when I update my planner with the events and such for the coming year. This year I have gone completely digital by using Outlook that syncs to my Blackberry. Much better then the paper version that gets beat up by July!

I did a search on wikipedia for various holidays and found some very interesting holidays that I might include. It might be fun for Livy, in the future, to participate in non-offical holidays like International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Here are some of the odd and not so odd holidays that I found:
Bubble Gum Day--Feb 1
Friendship Day--first Sunday in August
International Talk like a Pirate Day--Sept 19
International Yak Day--April 29
Mole day (not the animal, this has to do with Chemistry)--Oct 23
Monkey Day--Dec 14
National Gorilla Suit Day--Jan 31
National Hugging Day--Jan 21
No Pants Day--first Friday in May (wearing a skirt would count, right?)
Opposite Day--Jan 25
Sweetest Day--3rd Sat in Oct

What other odd holidays do you celebrate or know about?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

What is wrong with this picture?

Let's just say that Livy felt that the Nutcracker was hungry. (This is exactly how I found him today.)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Moving in and getting ready for the holidays

I am happy to announce that we have finally moved into our new house a little over a week ago. Although I am still busy unpacking boxes, I'm sure you understand how long of a process this can be, I am trying to get ready for the holidays.

Two holidays projects have been completed which I will feature here later this week and ALL of my shopping has been completed. You may think that is pretty impressive, but I had to do something while living with my in-laws.

We have also started some home-improvement projects on our new house. The house is in great shape but I feel that it is important for me to leave my mark on the house or to simply make it my own. I am very excited to share those improvements soon including the one that my dh slaved away all weekend.

Do you want to see a picture of my house? I am typing this on my husband's laptop since mine has decided to get sick (a stupid virus) and will not let me get on the Internet. (The thought makes me get stressed am I supposed to communicate with the outside world!!) Did I not mention that we have moved somewhere rural where we are surrounded by fields of sagebrush and it is 10 miles to the nearest grocery store?

Back to the house. The only picture of our new house on dh's laptop is horrible in my opinion. One that we took when we first looked at the house. (For those who have shopped for houses recently, do you take pictures of the houses too. We found it easier to review at the end of day.) I have some better ones that I will post once we find a vaccine or an anti-virus for my laptop.

You want details you may ask. Going from our old house with only 1000 sq ft, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and no room for growth (basement was dirt), we feel a little out of place in a house as large as we purchased. We weren't going for a huge house, after 8 failed offers we simply wanted anything in our price range! Our new house has 6 bedrooms with a separate office, 4 bathrooms, fireplace, jetted tub and has a large yard for the area. Plenty of room for growth and an extra bedroom to use as a craft room. That will be a future project.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Where am I?

Just a quick update. Today we officially closed on our house and moved in with my in-laws. We have now put offers on 7 houses, each falling through for one reason or another. Frustrating!!! Hopefully house number 8 will be the one.

With the changes that I am going through, simply put as living out of suitcases for a few weeks, I won't be able to update much. I have "dreams" of someday having a place to put my laptop and actually post cool stuff on this blog. Until then....

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A bliss is needed

I'm not doing very well right now in the housing department. The sell of our house is going very well, in fact our buyers want to close early. I won't let them, but it's a good sign that they are not going to back out.

Besides that, I still haven't found a new place to live. House hunting has been very depressing! Each time I find a house that I love, I find out that it has multiple offers well above the asking price and then falls out of my price range. We have made three offers on houses, each failing for one reason or another. So one week before the big move, we are still homeless.

I am being very hard on myself lately and have had an extremely horrid thought run through my mind, "I hate my life!" With this being said, I really need to stop and look at the blessings that I have.

I have a beautiful little girl that I am so grateful to have in my life. I remember how depressed I was for years while I was waiting for her. She truly makes me happy every day!

I have a wonderful marriage and I am so lucky to have a companion to share my life with. I am even more grateful to know that our marriage in not just for life but for the eternities.

I am grateful that Eduardo provides for us so I can be a stay-at-home-mom. Even though this is the cause of us not getting the house I love, but I know that it is better for me to be home. I am truly happier being home then in the work-force.

I am glad that Eduardo enjoys taking me places like the symphony, opera and plays. More importantly that he likes to spend time with me.

I am grateful to have a good head on my shoulders when it comes to finances. Extremely grateful to have no debt, plenty in our emergency savings account and enough each month.

I am grateful for my good relationship and friendship with my mom.

I am grateful for my love of my ancestors who really make up a large part of my life. With that I am happy to be a part of two women organizations who honor these people. DUP (Daughters of Utah Pioneers) and DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution).

I am grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints. It is a huge part of my life and brings me peace in times like this. I know that God has a plan for me and things will work out according to His will. I need to learn some patience.

I am grateful to be who I am even though times get a little rough.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

House Update

Things have gotten very busy in the house department. After countless showings and 3 failed offers we might finally have something.

We had until this past Monday to get an offer on our house or the builder would sell our new one to someone else. That was a depressing phone call. Nothing like having to tell the agent, once again, sorry we don't have an offer. I was shocked at what happened next. The agent broke down in tears. She was frustrated with the builder for putting such stress on us (yeah!) and that this didn't work out for us.

At this point, I was angry enough with the builder that even if we had an offer in at the last moment, I would probably not take the house.

On Saturday we went house hunting. As you may know, the General Authorities stressed once again to purchase a house that you can afford, not what the neighbors can afford. It is VERY important to me that I be a stay-at-home mom and that means not even running a daycare. For that, we have to find a house that we can afford and that I can stay at home. We looked at a total of 6 houses and all were scary. The first one was SUPER scary and that happens to be the house that we are putting an offer on.

We aren't completely crazy (just mostly crazy on Tuesdays) but saw some great potential in this house. It is a short-sale and marked way below what it's worth. It needs some major TLC but after completely remodeling our current house, we know that we can do it again. The houses in this area sell for about 200k more then what this house is listed. Since it is a short sell and the bank gets to decide who gets it (there are several parties interested in it) we won't know until the end of the month if we get it.

As for our current house, we sold it! Yeah! Well we are at least under contract. They had the house inspection today and I am now nervous that they will back out because we need a new roof. But time will tell.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pumpkin Centerpiece

I couldn't help myself when Michael's had their autumn merchandise on sale this week. I picked up a pumpkin, floral picks and sticks; in practically no time, I created this. I got this idea from Michael's pre-made arrangements (at $50!) and one my mom recently made. I spent probably about $20 in total.

Sitting on top of the TV cabinet in the living room.

A close up. I really like how it turned out! I personally think it looks even better then what the artificial light in the photo shows.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Posing

Livy LOVES to have her picture taken and it has become extremely hard to capture her without posing. Looking at the camera, sometimes impossible.

October 2 2008 with her new love, ghosssssT.

Alpine Loop

Right now is the perfect time to see the fall foliage in the Wasatch Mountains. (A branch of the Rocky Mountains) Disappointed with heavy rains on Saturday and expecting the same for Sunday, we were pleasantly surprised with beautiful weather to take a drive through the Alpine Loop. Alpine Loop starts in the American Fork Canyon through the Uinta National Forest to Provo Canyon and let me say here, everything was gorgeous!

The trees were at their peak. It almost seemed fake with the deep green evergreens peaking up through the foliage.

Livy out collecting rocks on our autumn walk. This was a road leading to a campground now closed for the winter. It was peaceful (just us) and so many colors.

Fresh snow on the peak from Saturday. It made a beautiful combination.
Finding leaves!

We put an offer on a different house this weekend and if we get it, it is about a 2 minute drive to see this!

Have you gone out to see the leaves yet?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Halloween Preview

Livy in her Halloween Costume. (the backside of the pink poodle)
Trick-or-Treating will be fun this year!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Near death experience

My sweet husband has had an interesting habit since we were married. He is constantly talking in his sleep, most of the time in Spanish; caring on phone conversations with "clients", singing or other very interesting things.

A few weeks ago after I took Livy in for her 18 month Well-Baby check and receiving two immunizations, she was having a hard time sleeping. She was running a slight fever from the shots and simply didn't sleep well. This is not like her. She has always been a great sleeper, currently sleeping for 12 hours straight at night and taking a 90 minute nap in the afternoon. I've been spoiled.

Before I tell the "near death experience" let me make a note that Eduardo has always gotten up in the night with me when Livy was feeding, sick, etc. He would come in and see if either of us need anything before he heads back to bed.

On one particular night, Livy woke at midnight running a fever. I got up out of bed to comfort my upset little girl. I heard Eduardo get up and I figured that he would come in to check on Livy. I waited in her room for him so I could send him on an errand to the kitchen to get some fever-reducer. I waited and waited and while I waited I could heard Eduardo in the kitchen. My first thought was that he was hungry and simply getting something to eat. Then I heard him washing the counters followed with sweeping the floor. I'm getting a little upset at this point that he is making so much noise and obviously a mess for me to clean up in the morning.

Then quiet. He heads back to the bedroom and I decide to get the fever-reducer myself. I head into the kitchen to find one of my houseplants sitting in the kitchen sink. No pot, just the plant with its exposed roots. I follow the trail of potting soil through the playroom to our bedroom door. With Livy in hand, I opened the bedroom door to see Eduardo standing in our room holding the pot that once housed my plant. The look of shock on his face! He had no recollection of ever tearing the plant from its pot or the mess he created in the kitchen.

I could do only one thing at this point. I laughed and laughed and laughed until my sides ached. Eduardo spend the next hour vacuuming the dirt out of the carpets (we had a house showing the next morning so it needed to get done), repotting the plant that nearly died and trying to get a wound up toddler off to bed.
I could use a little less excitement in the middle of the night.

The plant that is no longer in my bedroom.

Quick house update

I am so beyond stressed out! What comes after stress? Near depression...think I'm about there. Of course no one said selling a house would be fun. In all the houses we have sold/selling (3), I've never had luck in the house department. Each and every time I feel that I am getting screwed over. If my agent happens to read this, yes I feel this way now!

You might ask what has been happening. Well, we have had 3 offers on our house in the past 6 weeks. That is really good except when each one thinks they are getting the deal of the century and will only offer 30k plus below what we are asking. Then they get offended if we try to counter their poor offer. It is my understanding that there are a lot of desperate people out there who have to sell their house for one reason or another. Many of these people will not get a single penny once they sell. I fortunately am not in this boat. I am not forced to sell and the main reason why I am selling is to take the HUGE check with me in the end. That check will mean financial freedom. It means we will be completely debt free with savings and a complete two year supply of food storage. So I am a little hesitant at giving away my hard earned money to an offer that thinks they can purchase the "sun, moon and stars" at one low price. I have news for you....WRONG! You want my house, you have to pay what is fair in today's market. (A few years ago I probably could have gotten 20k more. The house is currently fairly priced.) And I will not include my new washer, dryer, fridge and pay for your down payment and 10k in closing costs. Seriously!

So 3 failed offers. First one couldn't get the loan, second asked 30k under asking and laughed when we countered and the third one wanted us to give her too much. So we have been back to square one, again, for the past week.

Are we making any progress? Yes! If you say 7 showings in one week progress. Three of those showings were on the same day and on Sunday we had a second showing for someone who came through on Saturday.

Do we have offer number four? Don't know.

Besides that, we have 1 1/2 days to have a decent offer or the builder will be selling "our" house to another couple who wants it. The builder "forgot" to take the house off of the mls. We won't be able to close by the end of October on the new house if we don't have an offer by the end of September. This make me feel lousy!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Growing up too fast

September 10 2008, 18 month pictures. Livy with her favorite baby doll. Got to love the smile behind the thumb.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Creating good habits

I have felt from the time that Livy was born (or even before that since I was addicted to parenting books years before she was born) that I want my children to have some pretty good habits under their belts. I have always felt that if we "train" our children or give them the knowledge that they need, they will grow to include these things in their daily lives. Sure, right now it is doing these future habits with mom, but I honestly feel that in the future when Livy is older, she will be able to do these things on her own.

I have also learned that if children see mom and dad doing things, they will most likely mimic. This goes for the good and the bad whether it is the kind of language we use, how we eat meals, whether we watch a lot of TV or read books. So if I want Livy to be a good reader, that means that I need to read to her daily and she needs to see me and Eduardo reading. Super easy, we are all book-worms. Or if I want Livy to eat a balanced diet I not only need to feed her healthy foods, but I also have to eat them myself.

So what habits are we working on?

Washing Faces--Since Livy was born (she is now 18 months) I try to wash her face with a damp wash cloth in the morning and at night, all in hopes that this will be a life long habit for her. I have always struggled with this myself and my skin shows it. I don't want this to be a battle with her when she is a teenager.

Brushing teeth at least twice a day--She still likes to bite down on the tooth brush, but it is a start.

Sunscreen--After reading a book that mentions the importance of using sunscreen on our faces daily, we've all heard it before, I want to start this habit with Livy now. I think that if I had been better with sunscreen as a child and teenager, that my skin would be in better condition. I do apply it to Livy whenever we head outside to play, but I think of the many times that I don't when we are running errands or a quick walk to grandma's. Perhaps this should be a part of our morning routine.

Praying before bed--we are a religious family and I want her to make this a part of her daily life. We are working on our evening prayers and hopefully can add on morning prayers as well.

What kinds of habits are you working on together as a family or with your children?

Livy, Sept 10 2008--in her U of U cheerleader outfit

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Irritated and every right to be so.

Someday my blog will be more interesting then the happenings of selling my house. I should probably get over it, move on (ha ha) and actually do something more then clean. I did a little more today then the usual. I made homemade Zucchini bread. The aroma has seeped into every pore of my house and it smells delicious.

It has been a hard weekend in the house department. By Friday evening we had received two offers on our house and the bidding war began. I was excited and nervous that in three weeks I would be moving to our new house. I couldn't wait to finally start "living" life again verses pretending to live in my house. (I keep a clean house, but trying to keep a showroom or model home is driving me CrAzY!) I was also dreading having to pack everything but that happens when you sell.

On Saturday we took Eduardo's parents up to house. I think it is great that the builder has given us a key. Can't move in, but we can check out the house whenever we want. We noticed a few major problems (Just remembered that I forgot to call the builder! arg!) like the sprinklers are leaking into the basement. Also, the landscaper must have forgotten to measure correctly because half of my special order sod is missing. He also needs to adjust the sprinklers so they hit everything. Half of the half of my drought tolerant sod is like the desert that surrounds it.

On Monday morning when we should have been finalizing the double offers we find out that one offer has backed out and the other can't get approved for a loan. So we are back to square one and I am irritated with it. I should have known that 1 1/2 weeks on the market, 4 showings and 2 offers later we would still be here. We did have two more showings and hopefully something good comes from that.

Today my thoughts are wondering if and when we will sell, when will I be moving and for which holiday do I get to celebrate there (Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas) and if I leave the house every day will it remain spotless?

On a lighter note, the pictures that I promised from the beautiful model house are not going to happen. Eduardo has not found the cord to release the captive photos and says they shall forever remain on his phone. At least until he deletes them.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bad dog and the messy house

I admit it, I am lame at this blog business. I love blogging but lately there seems to be more important things to do. Like clean the house for showings and punishing a VERY bad dog. I simply hope that things will go back to normal (if there really is a normal) as soon as we move.

So first, we had two more showings on Monday. I was a little P.O. with the comments that the agents left with my agent. I really shouldn't be upset but it hit just the right nerve and it bothered me.

They said, "Shows really nice, very neat and tidy. Best on the block. They did not like the area that much though. They decided on a newer town home to the West. If that doesn't work out this home would be on their "long list". They commented on the price saying "monitor it"
(Just a note here, by heading directly west a ways of where I am located puts these people in a VERY undesirable area. To each his/her own.)

Second said,"Awesome sellers. They went the extra mile needed in this market to really show their home. It was a joy to show. The agent does not have a feel from the buyer yet because she works odd hours. They will be out looking again on Friday and MAY ad this on the list for a second look. She commented that we were the highest per square foot in the area. She thought $180k."
(My thoughts here....180k you have to be joking! 180k get you a house that needs to be gutted inside! I couldn't believe that. My house is beautiful and completely remodeled! Very frustrating!)

The comments aren't bad but the whole price reference bothers me. Especially when they talk about a price that is significantly lower then our asking price. We were advised to start high, feel out the market the first week (it has only been up for one week today) and lower in small increments if needed. We will get to that later.

So house selling is frustrating. Between the comments and trying to keep the house perfect, I am tired!

We did put an offer on the house that we love and it was accepted. The house includes landscaping in the front and side yards. The sprinklers went in a Monday and today they are laying my special request drought tolerant grass. What can I say! We live in a desert and it takes too much water to keep the traditional Kentucky Blue Grass green. We have drought tolerant grass in our back yard in our current home and I LOVE it. I water it once a week and it is super green.

With all the stress that I am feeling (plus seasonal allergies on top of it) it is effecting my dog. He has turned into a complete brat! We have always had to lock him up before we leave the house because he gets nervous and will pee. Lately when we call him he heads to different rooms, will stand and stare at you as if he is deaf (he's not) or simply not come. It is getting frustrating. On top of it last night at dinner we locked him up (we didn't want him begging for food) and during the entire meal he was whining and scratching on the door. Now the back of the door needs to be re-painted (again!) and he snagged the carpet and tore some of it up. I am at the end of my rope. Does anyone know what I should do with him?

I have lots of projects that I want to work on and things to try but afraid of making any messes in my house. So it will all wait until we move. And if I can figure out how to get pictures from the cell phone on to the computer, I have some CUTE decorating ideas from a model house.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Home Tour Part 7--Yard and Bones

This is the final part of my home tour. I hope that you've enjoyed it. You can check out the rest by heading here.

Here is our house. It is a 1909 Cottage/Bungalow. Not bad for being 99 years old!

Front Flower bed. This has come a long way from the one GIANT bush that used to fill this space. Small bushes are okay, but I personally need flowers. I have spent hundreds of dollars and many hours of my time of this flower bed. There are some really expensive plants in there that I plan on taking with me. I have it written into the contract so there will be no surprises with the next owners.

Long and very narrow driveway. In fact, I refuse to park at the end of it because I'm afraid of hitting the house when I back out. It would be fine for a small sedan, but for a mini-van it will not do. The entire yard is fenced in a COVERED with Ivy. We trimmed it back our first year here because it had grown over about a fourth of the driveway.

Now to the back yard. Head straight back to the garage and turn right.....

Next to the garage is a covered patio area. You could probably use it as a car port, but I personally find it more attractive to hang a hammock. Notice the GIANT near 100 year old Horse Chestnut Tree. I have a love/hate relationship with this tree. It is enormous and provides constant shade all summer (all day) on this the south side of the house. There is never any direct sunlight into my bedroom, which is okay. What I hate about it is that it constantly sheds. Yes, the typical fall foliage but also in the spring the sticky (super glue sticky) blossoms that get tracked into my house, summer un-ripe chestnuts, leaves and dead branches and in the fall the leaves, rip chestnut with their pokey outter shells. The only time it does not shed is in the dead of winter. Also, because of the amount of shade it provides, I can not grow anything under it. I have tried shade loving plants like Lily-of-the-Valley, Hosta, and Ferns.

I didn't do too much to this area of the back yard. A little paint of the garage and I tore out, what seemed like, acres of Ivy. It was growing up the tree, all over the ground, on the side of the garage and was every where. You might remember from the beginning of the tour that when we pulled the panelling off the walls we found the ivy growing inside the house.

A better view of the hammock brought back from Mexico, BBQ grill and places to hang out and socialize. Then on to the back of the back yard.

Here I have a nice grassy area for the dog and kids, on the right is the chicken coop aka storage shed and behind that my veggie garden. (You might remember that from previous posts). This is also where the "Bones" took place that I will share in a moment. This area was covered with Ivy, filled with rose bushes (no grass here), HUGE clothes lines (that is what the cement path in the middle of the lawn leads to) and more Ivy!

Another view of the grassy area. I have a small island flower bed here. It may look out of place but it was a great way to hide the well. Under the flower pot is the access to my water rights. I would have loved to have used it, free water and all. But it would have required us to dig up the entire yard and spend a lot of money to replace the rusted pipes. Maybe I'll leave a note for the next owners and they can do something with it.

Another view of grassy area, looking back to the patio.

Veggie garden. Didn't I say that the gourds would take over the side of the shed by the end of summer?! When we purchased the house, this was nothing but an Ivy garden.

And tons of baby gourds! I am so excited about this. I hope they ripen quickly so I can take them with me before we move. I have a project in mind, and the reason for growing a non-edible plant, that requires months of drying them out.

Now for the Bones.

While we were tearing out the rose bushes and Ivy in the back yard, we came across several bones. Here Eduardo is trying to dig up a 30 some-odd year old rose bush.

Not just little chicken bones, but big bones. We could identify some of them. "Hey, look this one is a rib. This one looks like a femur." It actually got kind of freaky. Fortunately we never found a skull. It could still be under the cement pathways.

By the end of the day, we actually called the police who came to collect the bones. A call back later in the week revealed that the bones were not human but animal.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dunlap Broadside

On Saturday evening we had the opportunity to see an original Dunlap Broadside. I had never seen a capital building as crowded as it was, not including our Nations Capital. There was a two hour wait just to get up and see it.

This was our first time we had been in Utah's Capitol building since they renovated it over the past several years. It was too crowded to really see any of the features that the building has to offer.

We decided that Livy would not last two hours to see a piece of paper that she most likely will not find interesting until later in life. The line wrapped around the rotunda and ended at the center where the document was at. Eduardo and I both agreed that it was odd and mostly likely why it took SO long to see the document because instead of simply walking past it, they let one person or family in the center circle at a time to see, read, and photograph it. We were able to walk right up to the outside circle and see the document. This was a good option for us and I can now say that I saw an original Dunlap Broadside.

After wandering back through the Capitol building, we stopped to watch the introduction video that explained the Dunlaps. Very interesting! Here's a piece of trivia for you...the Dunlaps are actually older then the written manuscript that is housed in Washington DC.

Livy outside the capital, looking out over the city.

Our state's capital building.

Livy was super excited to see the Lions and insisted on seeing them up close.

The Dunlap Broadside is on tour and if it comes to your capital, I highly recommend that you see it!