Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

I did it!  I sent my oldest child to school.  I really doubted that I could this.  I mean, I have been planning on homeschooling her for the past 10 years (yes she is only 5) and now I send her off into the unknown.  At least it feels that way.  Perhaps it's a bit of a control issue, but it makes me nervous that she is away from me.

With that said, she is attending a Spanish Speaking school.  No she does not speak Spanish, at least not fluently.  I think she understands quite a bit and has been exposed to it her entire life.  Now it's time for her to officially learn.

Olivia beyond excited to head to school

Olivia wants to attend school and has been counting down for months.  I hope that she keeps that enthusiasm.

Our family.  Yep, Lucy is still wearing her ballerina swimsuit.  She wants to attend Ballet School.

Olivia outside her school, waiting to line up.  

Saturday, August 25, 2012


August has been a no good month!

At the beginning of the month I went in for a regular scheduled prenatal appointment and the doctor couldn't find the baby's heartbeat with the Doppler.  He said I shouldn't be concerned since the week before I had an ultrasound and the baby was very active (seriously I have never seen a baby that active) and a super strong heartbeat.  He said the my uterus was probably tilted and the Doppler couldn't pick up the heartbeat.  He sent me home and requested that I return the following week.

Can I tell you that week was LONG and horrible!  At first I wasn't all that concerned but then as I was walking through Target to pick up a Birthday gift I walked past the maternity clothes and thought that I would take a look at them.  As I walked toward them I had a horrible thought cross my mind, "You might not be pregnant any more!"  From there it was downhill for the rest of the week.  I had one day that I simply bawled the entire day.  As the week progressed I felt better and didn't stress about it nearly as much.

I returned to the doctor the following week and he quickly found the baby's strong heartbeat.  It was such a relief!

My doctor also decided that I needed to see a neurologist asap because of the headaches.  I've never really been one to get migraines, but with the pregnancy I would get 3 to 4 auras a day without the headache.  Thankfully the neurologist said that it was just pregnancy hormones.  I really wasn't concerned about that appointment.  Not after all the stress of the previous week!

August also brought computer problems.  My laptop was acting funny and being the careful person that I am I made sure that I backed everything up on my external hard drive.  Within a few hours the laptop was dead.  I was happy that I backed everything up!  We purchased a new computer and transferred the files over.  A few weeks later we wanted to find pictures of my girls as newborns and found a nasty surprise!  Either the old laptop or the external hard drive only copied about 1/3 of our files.  I lost my pictures and videos!  That brought on another day of crying.  I have no pictures, expect for the few in scrapbooks, of my girls as newborns.  All the pictures from our trip to Venezuela were gone.  We gave the old hard drive to a neighbor in hopes that he can pull off our files.  I have hope that they are not lost!

On August 14th Olivia lost her first tooth.  (Age 5 and 5 months).  She was so proud that she pulled and twisted the tooth out all by herself.  I was proud that she did something completely out of her comfort zone.  The tooth fairy visited her that night and brought her a gold dollar coin and a sewing kit.  (Tooth Fairy will only bring a gift for the first visit).  The tooth fairy also installed a door to easily access the baby teeth.  Olivia has another loose tooth that will soon come out.

On August 15th Ed made some traditional Venezuelan food, Arepas, which Olivia LOVED!

August 17th we took the girls swimming at a local pool.  They had such fun.  Here I am 15 weeks pregnant.  (And no thanks to the PCOS that I am starting this pregnancy heavier then I've ever been, ugh!)

Lucy has had a pepper obsession lately.  She puts tons of pepper on her food and actually eats it.  I figure this is another one of her odd phases where she is seeing what she can be in control of.

Other then that, this month has been filled with us spending tons of time outside on the playground, trying to figure where things are at (I HATE MOVING!), and getting Olivia ready for school.  She starts Kindergarten on August 27th!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mighty Mind

When Olivia was about 2yrs old we received a Mighty Mind set. She would spend a good hour manuvering the pieces to fit into the spaces on the card.  I loved the logic that she had to use to figure out how to make the picture.

Today, we unpacked Mighty Mind and Lucy greatly enjoyed it.  (I should say that we have Mighty Mind as well as a similar set)  She did a fantastic job looking at what shape should be put down next.   I also found that Lucy knows nearly all of her shapes.  :)

And they are also great to use to build a fence and a playground.  Love Olivia's imagination!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Special Friend

This is Olivia and her good friend Ain (pronounced Ine).  Ain is been here visiting her aunt for the past several weeks.  We're sad to say good-bye to Ain as she heads back to South Korea in a few days.  Olivia has greatly enjoyed playing with her new friend.  It's a sad thought that these girls will probably never see each other again.