Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Colonial Beauties

Today was our first meeting of the new year with C.A.R. (Children of the American Revolution)

The children did a program on 9/11.  It was difficult not going into too much detail for such young crowd. There were some wonderful children's book that talked about it.  One that I loved was called, "14 Cows for America."  This book tells the true story of one man who traveled back to his home country (the Maasai Village in Africa) the June following that horrific September morning. The cows are very important in their society.  The village wanted to give something special to America to help it heal so they gave 14 cows.

My girls don't have to dress up to attend C.A.R. but I found a lady online who sews historic costumes and such.  I thought it would be fun for them to dress up.  Olivia says that it is her "Felicity" dress.  (Olivia LOVES Felicity, it's too bad it's been retired!) 

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Bear in 'Bear World' Outside of Rexburg Idaho.  Worth seeing the bear up close! 

Lucy kissing the deer -- at the Petting Zoo at 'Bear World'

Lucy at Bear World

I once posted that Olivia refers to us as the 3+ Bears.  Papa Oso, Mama Oso, Bebe Oso and Nina Oso.
Now we have a picture to make is official.  

Our hotel room in West Yellowstone, Montana

Lucy and Olivia snuggled up the first night.  They actually slept really well!


Lower Falls at Artist Point in Yellowstone.  Olivia has been posing a lot in photos.

Day 2 with the obligatory picture in front of the sign.

Ed's turn to be in front of the sign

Lucy has been 'cheesy' lately in photos. 

Neat spider web on a bridge.  

West Yellowstone has Buffalo statues all over.  The girls loved to spot them and take pictures.  This one is in front of our hotel.

Grand Teton Mountains on our drive home.

At Old Faithful.  Picture taken by Olivia. 

Lunch by Yellowstone Lake.  

Buffalo along the side of the road.  Olivia was fascinated by the dead buffalo on the first day.

Loved the water lilies.  

Photo by Olivia.  She actually does a really good job!