Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's a pig, not really! Trip part 2

Day 2 of our long weekend trip took us to beautiful Zion National Park. I had never been there before (Eduardo had) so it was a wonderful surprise. I wasn't expecting the beautiful scenery!

We tend to take the back road into things. I don't think we actually plan to take the long route or the back entrance to busy places, it just happens. I am thankful for that. It has saved us several hours standing in long lines at places like Chichen Itza, Mexico and the Grand Canyon.

The first lookout point in Zion's is this. It was a neat huge rock but more importantly is the wildlife on it. Livy spotted it (look closely) and called out pig! No not a pig but a Big Horned Mountain Sheep.

Drive a little further you come to the tunnels. Two tunnels with one of them being a mile long. Look close in the picture and you can see two windows cut into the mountain. The tunnel is there with several windows for light and air. It is amazing to think that these tunnels were completed in 1930! What a task that must have been!

We made several stops to check out the scenery. One part of the park is closed to personal vehicles and you must ride the bus. This wasn't bad at all. We parked the car, boarded the bus and listened to the driver tell about the rock formations, names of things and some history. You have the option to get off at various points and get back on. We rode to the top nonstop and on the way down got off to explore places like "Angel's Landing" and "The Patriarchs" (named by a Methodist minister during the early 1900s.)

By the end I think we were all a little tired. Poor Livy would ask to lay down each time she saw a rock ledge.

For the night we headed to St. George to see a few sites and sleep! We were exhausted!

We love to stop at temples while we're on trips. I think it is important for Livy to see these beautiful scared places and know that they are all over the world. Plus it is always nice to find a peaceful place once in while during vacations.
To be continued...


  1. How beautiful! You took great pictures. Livy is so tall!

  2. Fun Fun! The St. George Temple Vistors Center is way awesome. Did you go to B.Y. Winter home or any of the other historical sites?

  3. Beautiful the ones in the previous post too. Looks like a great vacation.