Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Day Out-- Discovery Gateway Children's Museum

We have never visited any other children's museums so I can't truly compare, but we can honestly say that we love visiting the Discovery Gateway! There is always so much to do:

A fun water center filled with various toys and contraptions to watch water pour and move.

A farm section, complete with a life-size horse. Lucy enjoyed putting the Potatoes in the "ground."

A special area for babies where Lucy had a great time playing with toys, exploring textures and was fascinated with the cute baby playing with her in the mirror.

A market section where you can play cashier, bagger or bakery personnel. With so many food items to choose from, Olivia had quiet the shopping cart full.

In the house area Olivia enjoyed playing with the baby dolls and cooking .

We signed up for the special activity that is offered a few times each day. The children were able to explore their creative side by painting with straw. It was actually a neat activity.

Learning to construct buildings, something she loves to look for when we go for a drive.

But our day could not be complete until she got up on that horse. My little girl certainly loves horses!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

What better to Play with than Rocks!

Life is busy right now, especially with Eduardo off of work for most of July. Therefore our days are busy, schedules have been tossed out the door and I have a HUGE mountain of laundry still needing to be done. Thus the lack of blogging.

Our camping trip from earlier this month!

What better for kids to play with than rocks!

Eduardo getting to do a little fishing.

Olivia has been talking about fishing for months. She finally got her opportunity with a new Barbie fishing pole. When it came down to it, she wasn't interested in sitting there doing nothing.

Lucy did great! We borrowed a hiking backpack (LOVED!!) and saw lots of things. I didn't know how Lucy would do sleeping in a tent, so every night I drove down the canyon and put her to bed in her crib. It was nice to shower at the end of each day and sleep in my nice bed. Eduardo and Olivia loved sleeping in the tent.

This is the view from one side of our campsite:
And a view from the other side. It was gorgeous!

If you know me, I'm not one to be daring or try things that I could potentially get hurt. But I have been branching out and I went rock climbing for the first time!

I actually really enjoyed it. My favorite part was repelling down.
(Not the most flattering picture of my lower-half)

Olivia even gave it a try.