Friday, June 12, 2009

The Grand Canyon days 3 & 4

I know, I know I'm just now getting around to finish the details from our trip back in April. Click here if you would like to read about days 1 (Snowy Bryce Canyon) and day 2 (Zion's National Park).

On Day 3 we were suppose to pack up and head home. But instead we thought we would drive across the desert and the Navajo Indian Reservation to see The Grand Canyon. I hadn't seen the Grand Canyon and was excited to see this magnificent park that so many people have visited or know about.

The drive was looooong and tiring, especially for the newly pregnant me that turns into a zombie during the first trimester.

Once we arrived, we stopped at various look-out points to see this beautiful natural wonder. It was breath taking!

My mom and I

Ed and the Grand Canyon

Some wildlife outside of the park

Since this was the spontaneous part of our trip, the next step was to find lodging. Let me just say that the town outside of the Grand Canyon is way too expensive. The restaurants (we ended up at our least favorite McDonald's) brag that they are one of the most expensive in the world. If I remember correctly that Kids Happy Meal was at least $7!

We decided not to stay there and headed further south (farther from home which meant longer drive the following day) and ended up at Williams, Arizona. Williams is one area where the old Route 66 ran through and you can still drive and walk down it. What a fun evening! I loved thinking about how it would have been to drive cross country on Route 66, staying at little roadside motels and eating at retro diners.

Livy, myself and my mom posing in front of a Route 66 sign. (Sorry it's blurry! That's what I get for taking pictures at night!)

Ed and the infamous sign

Day 4 was the day for us to drive home. I never do well on the last day of a trip. I know that the majority of the sightseeing is done and I am anxious to be home.

To mix it up a bit, we took a different route home which took us to the Hoover Dam! It certainly was a fun experience and I wish we had the time to tour it. The outside was fascinating and inspiring.

After the Hoover Dam it was a very focused drive to get home. We arrived after 10:00pm absolutely exhausted.

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  1. So we just watched an episode of Planet Earth with the Grand Canyon on it and Mason keeps asking if we can go-- good to know that everything around is so expensive. Maybe we'll just take our trailer and bring food when we go!

    It looks like you guys had fun on Route 66. It might not be as big as some of the other trips you can take, but I would love to do a driving trip all along Route 66 some time. The parts I've seen are so fun!

  2. What an awesome trip! My aunt, uncle and cousin (they are also my next door neighbors) are currently on a month long vacation out west. They left last Saturday with their two dogs and their camper. They are currently in Santa Fe, New Mexico and are loving it! I miss them like crazy but are excited that they are having a great time!

  3. What gorgeous pictures! For as long as I lived in Utah, I've never seen the Grand Canyon. Pretty sad, eh? Your pictures encourage me to get there someday!

  4. I shouldn't be surprised, but your dreams of retro diners on Route 66 are exactly the same as mine.

    Those canyon photos are incredible. I look forward to making that trip one day.

  5. We've done the Grand Canyon and had a great time. Looks like fun.