Monday, August 9, 2010

Devil's Tower and Prairie Dogs

Today's adventure took us to Devil's Tower in Northeastern Wyoming. It was actually an enjoyable drive surrounded by farms, prairie and later small portions of forest.

Once we arrived in the general area of Devil's Tower, it was fascinating to watch it grow. For me, I didn't know how large it would be. This picture doesn't do it justice since we are several miles from the entrance of the park. It really is a large structure!

The name that it's been known by Native American's has the word bear in it, driven from the folklore surrounding it. It wasn't named Devil's Tower until the 1870s by a white explorer.

In the park there is a Prairie Dog reserve, properly named Prairie Dog Town. Off the side of the road you can see hundreds of earth mounds and little heads popping up. The animals would come right up to us but due to safety it isn't wise to touch or feed them. I don't know who was more excited to see them, Olivia or Lucy. Both girls squealed with delight!

We have also decided to start collecting stamps and sticker for our passport book. At most National Parks and National Monuments there is a station where you can stamp the name of the park/monument and the date into a book. The stickers are purchased which describe the place. I thought this would be a fun way to record our travels. Although now I think of the places we've visited in the past and don't have stamps or stickers for them. Including our trip to Mount Rushmore just a few days ago!

More adventures soon to follow!

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