Wednesday, September 5, 2012

School Not Going Very Well

All summer I would hear from Olivia, "When do I start Spanish school?"  She was even more excited the day that she got to meet her teacher and tour her new school.

For the past 10 years I was convinced that I would home-school my children.  I wasn't happy with the education that I received.  I wanted to find what they were passionate about and help them succeed.  When Olivia was 2 years old I started a pre-preschool with her.  She quickly picked up everything that I threw at her.  As time went on we were working on first grade reading and math.

About the time that my husband decided to return to graduate school I knew that I might not be able to home-school.  I know for some they can do it no matter where they live or the situation but I felt that between living in a much much much smaller place and trying to get pregnant and it might be too much for me.  I had severe postpartum depression after Lucia and didn't want to push my children aside.  So it was time for me to think of schools.

Public school honestly was my last option and with grad school we couldn't afford a private school.  I looked into dozens of charters school and still felt lost.  I prayed a lot and took this matter to the temple and felt strongly that Olivia needs to learn Spanish.  This is for many reasons including: it's a part of her heritage, it would be wonderful if she could talk to her grandparents, it will give her an advantage in the future, etc.

So I was off to find dual immersion schools.  My options fell from dozens of options to only 3.  One school was in a horrible area that I'm not even comfortable driving in, the second was a gifted program that she would have to test in and the last option was a charter school.

Olivia tested for the gifted program early in 2012 and we finally received the results in May.  She did WONDERFUL on the test and obviously shows that she is advanced and gifted but because they give first preference to children whose siblings are already attending the school, there wasn't room for her.

I headed to the charter school to see what I thought and fell in love with it.  It truly is a great program for her!  We applied, was accepted and Olivia was beyond excited to attend.

School started last week and today is Olivia's 7th day of school.  Friday I was told that she cried twice during school and all weekend she cried saying that she didn't want to go to school.  Monday was a holiday and therefore no school.  Tuesday morning was filled with sobs and I was informed by her teacher that she cried during school as well.  This morning was horrible wreck!  I had to dress her and literally force her to get into the car.  

I miss having Olivia home but I know that this is the best option for her.  She tells me that the day is too long (it is full day Kindergarten) and that she misses me.  Everyone that I've talked to says to send her to the public school half day program, but there will be no Spanish and she knows that material.

I feel at a loss what to do for her. I want her to be happy because this is tearing me apart, but at the same time I want her to attend this school that I worked so hard for her to attend.  I honestly think it is in her best interest.

What do I do?


  1. Sounds to me like you are paying close attention and being prayerful. I think you can be confident in your decisions as her mama, whatever they may be. Some phases are rough ones, though, so I hope for Olivia's sake and yours that things look up soon!

  2. Give it at least 3 weeks and make sure Olivia knows that you are Confident and Caring.

  3. Oh, hugs for you! I rarely comments these days, but I had to share some of my advice having been through it. I sent Clara for full day nursery school in Italy. Long story short, the school was close, was mostly in English and they didn't mind her French speaking, and preschool is generally full day in Italy anyway. It was horrible. I picked her up at 1 pm for the first few months. But she got better and now she's in kindergarten full day and loves it. Just give her time and she'll get there. She definitely has the maturity and I know she's so smart so she can handle the curriculum, but it's new. And don't forget that your attitude can do a lot. Even if you think you're being confident and sure, she may sense your doubt. Now when I look back, I know Clara did and I've changed that with my second and he's doing beautifully in preschool and wants to stay longer. It's hard though, so hang in there. Try a reward system. I know that feel unnatural, but it may help. Email me if you want to talk about it. So sorry you're going through this!